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mizan operates through a two-headed structure that includes an Arbitration Court and a Secretariat.

The Arbitration Court :

The mizan Arbitration Court is exclusively constituted of legal practitioners specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Its main objective is to ensure the proper application of mizan’s arbitration and mediation rules and it has the most extensive authority for this purpose.
It also occasionally acts at the request of the parties to the dispute as an administrative and quasi-judicial support in the context of ad-hoc arbitration and mediation proceedings organized under the auspices of mizan.
The rules governing the Arbitration Court organisation are those defined in the mizan’s internal Rules.

The Secretariat :

The mizan Secretariat is constituted by individuals with dual legal and administrative backgrounds who can operate in three languages Arabic, French and English. The Secretariat acts under the direct supervision of the mizan’s General Secretary and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of all disputes submitted to the center. The rules governing mizan’s  Secretariat are those defined in the mizan’s internal Rules.