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Amin Hajji, President of the mizan’s Court of Arbitration

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Youssef Hanane, Vice- President of the mizan’s Court of Arbitration

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Ayoub Berdai, General Secretary of mizan

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mizan is an independent professional organization started by a group of legal practitioners motivated by the desire to contribute to the emergence of the city of Casablanca as a leading international arbitration place at regional and continental levels.

mizan is located in the center of Casablanca and provides a state-of-the-art professional facility for the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R) especially arbitration. It includes a complete ecosystem dedicated to ADR by using the latest technology available.

mizan’s activities are organized into three core areas.

1. Incubator of innovative projects

mizan is involved as projects’ incubator in the arbitration field. As of this day, mizan initiated two major projects, namely:
Ultimately, mizan plans to become a pioneer in supporting projects in the field of arbitration.

2. Services to arbitration professionals

mizan offers specialized services for the practice of arbitration, including:

3. Doctrine and training

mizan also aims to contribute to the emergence of a Moroccan arbitral doctrine according to international standards with the publication of a biannual legal review specialized in arbitration.

mizan intends to contribute to the publication of treaties and books in relation to A.D.R.

mizan’s objective is to ensure a better understanding and mastery of A.D.R mechanisms through training sessions and seminars directed by Moroccan and foreign experts addressed to companies, legal practitioners, and law students.