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If you have any question that is not listed below, please contact us by email at secretariat@mizan-adr.com or by calling the mizan Secretariat at
(+212) 522 29 89 40.

mizan Arbitration is an independent professional structure specialized in the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution. mizan is involved in both ad-hoc proceedings, offering a professional space including a complete high-tech ecosystem, and institutional proceedings in strict compliance with professional and ethical rules and with the mizan Arbitration and Mediation Rules.

mizan Arbitration is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (Moroccan time).

No. mizan is an independent arbitration and mediation institution that does not advise or represent any party in arbitration and/or mediation proceedings.

Yes, the mizan Arbitration Court is vested with full powers to act as appointing authority pursuant to the mizan Arbitration Rules and Mediation Rules.

An application for arbitration or mediation under the mizan Arbitration and Mediation Rules must be filed in person or sent by registered mail to the mizan Arbitration Center for the attention of the Secretary General of mizan Arbitration.

The contact details of the mizan Center are as follows

Address: 28, Boulevard Moulay Youssef, 3rd floor, 20070 Casablanca -Morocco

E-mail: Secretariat@mizan-adr.com

Fax: (+212) 5.22 (+212)

Tel: (+212)

The parties to an arbitration procedure may agree to submit the resolution of their dispute to the mizan Platform Rules. The filing of the request to initiate arbitration will then be done online and directly on the mizan Platform.

Yes, parties to an arbitration or mediation may requestto the mizan’s Secretariat a list of arbitrators and mediators who may be available to intervene in their dispute.