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Arbitration and Mediation costs

1. Registration costs

Upon filing the Request, the Claimant shall pay a registration fee of seven thousand five hundred
(7500) Moroccan Dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currency.
The payment of the registration fees is non-refundable and shall be credited to the Claimant’s
share of the advance on costs of the arbitration.
If the registration fee is not paid at the time of filing the Request, the case will not be registered
by the Centre.

2. Administrative costs and arbitral tribunal fees

The administrative costs and the arbitrator’s fees are determined by the amount in dispute under
the Appendix of the Digital Expedited Arbitration Rules.
The amount in dispute is the total value of all claims, including counterclaims and set-off claims.

3. Provision of the costs amount

Upon receipt of the response, the Court shall fix in its entire discretion the amount of the
advance on costs of the arbitration to cover the fees and expenses of the Arbitral Tribunal, the
administrative costs and any other fees incurred by the Centre relating to the arbitration
corresponding to the claims brought before it by the parties.
Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the advance on costs fixed by the Court shall be
payable in equal shares by the parties.
During the course of the arbitral proceedings, the Court may require the parties to deposit
additional sums.