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Arbitration in a digital world: The mizan solution

Date : 28 june 2022

The Mizan arbitration and mediation Center organized on June 28th, 2022 from 2 :30 to 7 :00 pm an event on the evolution of digital for regional continental arbitration.

 The first session of this face-to-face event was dedicated to a simulation of a dispute in the field of labor law which is submitted to accelerated digital arbitration via the Mizan platform dedicated to this specific mode.

This mini-trial was organized with the participation of the case managers as counsel of the parties to the dispute, the arbitrator in charge of deciding the dispute, with the contribution in the background of the General Secretariat, and the Arbitration Court of this institution.

The second session in remote mode related to the contribution of digital arbitration in the evolution of the practice of arbitration at the regional level with the consecration of Casablanca as an international arbitration place, was animated by renowned lawyers with an introductory part by Professor Ali KAIROUANI, presentations by the President of the Bar  Mister Robert DOSSOU from Benin, Mister Martial AKAKPO from Togo, Professor Aboudramane OUATTARA from Ivory Coast, and Professor Yvette Rachel KALIEU ELONGO from Cameroon.

First session: mini trial

Second session: Casablanca place of international arbitration: The contribution of digital arbitration